1. 1740 Half Hunter Tourbillon- New Visual Impulses

    March 21, 2018 by Vlada

    The new 1740 Half Hunter Tourbillon by the independent watchmaker David Candaux taps into the historical period when horology was still perceived as a major science, and watchmaking fell under the realm of mathematics, philosophy and astronomy. This was an era when the quest for accurate timekeeping occupied the minds of the greatest inventors of European civilization. The 1740 Half Hunter Tourbillon pays homage to these precision instruments of the past, timepieces that were in use by the explorers and master mariners of the 18th and 19th centuries. A novelty of the time, these highly accurate timepieces allowed ship’s captains to literally and physically carry the time of their departure harbor with them, and therefore calculate the longitude of their location at sea easily without requiring star-gazing, ephemerides, astronomical tables and several hours of navigational calculations.

    With this history at hand, the 1740 Half Hunter Tourbillon goes a step further, representing a more radical stylistic interpretation and technical advancement in comparison to the classic historical half- hunter concept; simultaneously it represents a more futuristic development to the first models of the present 1740 collection.

  2. D. Candaux presents the new 1740: La 1740 Rose Gold

    by Vlada

    David Candaux, skilled and independent watchmaker, presents the “La 1740 Rose Gold”. This very first version of the ladies 1740 embodies his personal vision of fine watchmaking. It pushes conventional boundaries through its sleek design, asymmetrical conception and technical specifications, all executed with the greatest rigour and care.

  3. GPHG 2017 Official Preselection

    September 1, 2017 by Vlada

    We are pleased to announce that D. Candaux’s The First 8 has been officially preselected for the GPHG 2017 award under “Tourbillon and Escapement” category.

    Find out more on official GPHG website.

    And stay tuned until November.

  4. Protected: 1740

    March 18, 2017 by Vlada

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  5. Le Cœur et l’Esprit

    by Vlada

    More than a slogan, it’s an authentic approach to watchmaking : “Le Cœur et l’Esprit”. Or the Heart and the Mind.

    “The Heart is the birth of dreams and the conceptualization of a timepiece. No physical limits, everything is imaginary and sketched on paper. At this stage everything is possible and achievable. Then comes the Mind. The mind must make viable what the heart imagines. The more the heart is sincere about the authenticity of this desire, the more ease the mind will have to fulfill it. Once we have succeeded in bringing together the heart and the mind, we get a timekeeper that conjures emotions and a higher value than what man can claim.”

    David Candaux.

  6. The Bear and the Beehive

    by dcandaux_dmin

    When creating his own brand, David Candaux incorporated two symbols to form his logo: the bear and the beehive. The bear has long been a part of Le Solliat coat of arms. The beehive represents both solitary work as well as teamwork, all for a common goal, much like a watchmaker. This is represented by the single honeycomb hexagonal cell.

  7. La Grand Pièce

    by dcandaux_dmin

    Just like the earliest years of La Vallée de Joux watchmaking, David Candaux’s workplace is also his home. “La Grand Pièce” is the name that was given to the farmhouse in 1850. The Capt family was one of the great watchmaking families of the Vallée, responsible for creating the “Merveilleuse”, one of the most complicated historical pocket watches. The descendant of a long line of watchmakers from La Vallée de Joux, David Candaux felt a responsibility to preserve and perpetuate perpetuate this history. When restoring the farmhouse, much of its original layout and materials were kept, including the watchmakers workbench!

  8. A third-generation watchmaker

    by dcandaux_dmin

    One could say that watchmaking is a part of David Candaux’s DNA! A third-generation watchmaker hailing from La Vallée de Joux, David Candaux’s passion for watchmaking started at a young age, observing and admiring his father working away on the watchmaker’s bench everyday after school. Today, David’s father works with him to make his vision of artisanal watchmaking a reality.

  9. Welcome

    by dcandaux_dmin

    Welcome to the official website of David Candaux, an independent watchmaker in the purest and most complete sense of the term. With his first foray into the world of watchmaking at the age of 15, David Candaux acquired the necessary skill set to conceive and build a watch entirely from start to finish; something of a rarity among watchmakers. Now, David Candaux embarks on a new adventure, sharing his intimate vision of watchmaking with the world.