Timepiece Maintenance

Proper Care for Your Timepieces

The experience of owning a timepiece created by D. Candaux is also your entrance to a privileged and exclusive relationship supported by a complete and exemplary service. Every D. Candaux timepiece is entirely handmade by one of the best watchmakers in Switzerland, with the utmost respect for the traditions of the Vallée de Joux. Regarding the proper care and maintenance of such a unique timepiece, the section below will help you better understand the care and support you can count on receiving from us in order to guarantee your timepiece’s perfect, long term functioning.


Identification & Diagnosis

All D. Candaux timepieces are produced in very limited series, and as such, have been subjected to rigorous controls of materials, function and durability. Furthermore, as a testimony to its exclusivity, every D. Candaux timepiece is engraved with a unique number on the movement plates and caseback. For long term security, every Caliber 1740 has an engraved plate on its side with necessary functional details that any professional level watchmaker may need to know for your watch’s proper servicing – whether in the next century, or beyond.


Movement Cleaning

Before the timepiece is serviced or worn parts replaced, all the movement components are thoroughly cleaned and prepared. After this operation, the components are than tested and inspected. In this manner all potential shortcomings are eliminated in order to guarantee the perfect functioning of the movement after reassembly.


Replacing Components

All the watch’s components can be replaced or repaired as needed, dependent on the level of long term wear. In accordance with the instructions of use and preventive maintenance, complete customer service is provided. During maintenance, our service protocols are always updated with the latest technological developments and improvements.


Assembly & Lubrication

The longevity of complex movements is strongly related to, among the other things, the quality and methods of lubrication. This action limits the friction between the movement’s mechanical parts, reducing wear and power loss. During the watch’s reassembly, the watchmaker will utilize a wide range of specialized greases and oils depending on the specifics of each watch part, its characteristics and stability coefficients, with each component being treated separately.


Timing & Calibration

The next step in timepiece maintenance and servicing is the adjustment of the movement’s parts that have influence on the main timekeeping operations. The mainspring, barrel, chronometric power reserve and all other important components are tested with the goal of achieving timing accuracy and timekeeping precision. Comprehensive and detailed testing lasts for several days in order to thoroughly verify the performance of your timepiece under different positions and conditions.


Refinishing & Casing up

One of the last operations during the watch’s reassembly is the placement of the movement, dial and hands into the case of the watch. This seemingly simple task is a sensitive operation and requires the knowledge of an experienced watchmaker. All parts of the case, including the back case, as the last connected part, are fitted with quality seals to ensure water resistance.


Final Quality Control

A compression test, as a part of the final quality control, will test the watch’s water resistance over a guaranteed period of time. The compression test is just one of several quality tests regarding the technical and functional aspects of the watch. The final results must comply with all high quality standards, including a detailed visual inspection of the reassembled timepiece.


5 Years Service Warranty

Your D. Candaux timepiece is backed by a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. If the watch is returned for an inspection and servicing within 3 years of purchase, the warranty will be extended with an added 2 years of service and care. In this manner your D. Candaux timepiece will be controlled on the third and fifth year. After this total 5-year warranty period, it is recommended to have your watch given a normal cleaning, lubrication and adjustment after every 5 to 10 years of continuous use.